If you need more USB 3. My question is when operating in external power mode hub powered directly and hub powering the pi , but the pi is shutdown not halted will the usb devices remain powered? Much of the competition has side-facing ports that are too close together to allow for simultaneous use, or make USB plugs and devices stick out from the sides, taking up space on your desk. Other hubs or devices can be attached to the downstream ports. I got the big case for hub, Pi and witty Pi and it fits perfectly with good hole alignment, A great product for the price, thanks guys! The ports should be spaced far enough apart that you can connect bulky thumb drives and card readers next to one another.

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Some hubs, including the HooToo model that used to be our top pickappear to have problems with particular operating systems.

BIG7: 7-Port MTT USB Hub for Raspberry Pi (Rev 2)

Some self-powered hubs do not supply enough power to drive a mA load on every port. Nothing is getting through. Please have it consider if you make a new hardware revision.

Each transaction translator segregates lower speed traffic into its own pool, nub creating a virtual full-speed bus. We also used each of the finalists for a full day of work, which entailed using our wireless mouse recommendationscharging a phone, and having a number of other USB devices plugged in.

USB Hub | NI Community Forum

We also encountered random disconnects, heard an annoying coil whine, and saw speeds slow down during multiple-device transfers. The milliamp-current requirement for USB 3. This mtt currently focuses on traditional, rectangular USB-A connectors. More details can be found here. You could not cut power for specific port only.


The package consists of a small but sturdy cardboard box nicely protecting the content board comes in anti static sealed bag, huv in sealed plastic bag both bonded together with film.

Is the AC power adapter required? Everything fits nicely and the product quality is very high.

The AmazonBasics four-port model ships with a power adapter, but it provides less power than our requirement. Ended up buying a Targus USB 3. Based on that feedback, we looked for picks with four, seven, and 10 ports.

A great USB hub also has to be designed with usability in mind.

BIG7: 7-Port MTT USB Hub for Raspberry Pi (Rev 2) | UUGear

In the middle case, there are “short cable” hubs which typically use an integral 6-inch cable to slightly distance a small hub away from physical port congestion and of course increase the number of available ports. Frank — January 19, hubb After working out the tmt points of what makes a great USB hub, we combed the websites of prominent USB-hub sellers AnkerHooTooPlugableSabrentand others, and we looked at some of the top-rated and best-selling hubs on Amazon.

It the light does not come on it indicates the device is not functioning. It does not have special support for Apple proprietary charging, beyond the mA rate which is standard for USB 2. This arrangement hkb lead to devices losing power and disconnecting improperly from the computer, which can cause drive corruption and data loss.


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With many devices attached, this will likely not be enough for all attached devices, causing the first few devices to work and the rest of the devices to be disconnected from the host OS and unfortunately, which ones huv fail are unpredictable based on order of device start up. Anyway this one works and just for the hell off it I plugged all 3 items into it and one USB on the Macbook.

As a result, your USB 3. It is almost a shame to put it out of sight in a case. Needless to say I would recommend this product without any hesitation. Maintain the quality and the good price. The hub controller has multiple transaction translators MTT to maximize throughput, low power consumption mA with 7 devices connected, 66mA with oneand fully supports USB 2.

Handled it no problem so I should have plenty for extra midi toys in the studio with the Firewire sound card. Received the case and Big7 hub today, only a couple of days after having ordered.

The top plate is made from a glossy-black plastic that shows every fingerprint, smudge, and speck of dust. Do you already have an account?