The Summit is a model vs. Thanks for your help. What all in general needs to be done? I did a strip-down and rebuild, cleaned all the optics, added proper spring returns to the mirror mounts I have some “real” mirror mounts down in the basement that fell of the back of a laser harp – I might therefore be replacing them. It came with a PC running Windows98 and CorelDraw, also a rotary attachment, all for a very fair price ; Compared to the less expensive machines on EBay, this thing is built like a tank; looks like I found a different “low road”! If anyone wants to know more please feel free to ask. I’ve only had a few fires, easily put out with a trigger sprayer full of water but I take great care not to drown my machine.

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Looking forward to using the rotary attachment– I can’t figure out where to plug in the Molex connector: I started a diary here: I’ve sifted through the posts here– great info!

Anyway if alec01 is following this thread then the settings you need are or at least the settings culled from our machine are Work Paramaters Epillg Speed – The only thing I’m lasering at the moment is the dog signs. Back to home page. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.

I called Epilog yesterday and they were very helpful– they sent me a Summit manual from an old stack, I pay only for shipping. Have not needed to, it’s that well built.

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Check out the new wiki for the K40 laser cutter! Good luck, Randy Allen mailto: Anyone have experiece with an Epilog Summit? Epilog are good machines, but get the serial off him and contact Epilog. This Buy It Now listing has ended.

Epilog Summit EX Laser Engraver 25 watt

I’d recommend you contact your local Epilog distributor for a demonstration. My Halon extinguisher has lost pressure so I keep a Tundra brand spray epilo extinguisher near the machine but the best thing is to not leave the room. Epilog Laser reliability From: If you look under the “Settings” tab on the interface above the download button in phCAD and read those “parameters” then you might get somewhere. I tried one time with PC Relocator but couldn’t get it to work.

No rulers on the table. I’ve done some simple testing on tongue depressors, thin suummit sheet, paper, cardboard, a banana, and a tortilla: Back to home page Return to top.

On my machine, the molex is tucked just under the edge of the left hand guide rail. Show us what you made!

looking for Epilog Summit owner’s manual

A floppy drive and sneakernet should work fine, most of my files are under 45kb. I can speak as a past Epilog owner the Epilog Summit and current Universal owner X modelthat in my experience I find the Universal to be a more capable machine overall. I’ve yet to put eyes on it, but he claims it works although he suspects that the tube will need to be replaced soon.

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Have thought about doing the internal cuts with the laser and just doing a mark line for the outside cuts and then cutting the outside with the scrollsaw like I do with summir dog signs.

What I’d really like to hear about is their software? ALL Hi everyone I am looking to purchase an epilog laser 24EX or 32EX and I am looking for some feedback to see if anyone is having problems with there su,mit and also how good is the quality.

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. There is no cutting grid or vacuum hold down.

Summit Tech Specs

Skip to main content. A epklog back I posted on the subject of my malfunctioning Triumph laser. Any information about lower cost machines would be most appreciated: This laser has been for the most part reliable and the company came through for me when I did have a problem, however since it was a demo model I have no way of knowing how it performed out of the box.