Setting up and using the operating software was intuitive; the set-up sheet was easy to follow but was printed in a tiny font. Users looking for something a little more solid that’s not USB-driven may want to check out the top recommendations on our kids microscopes page. Supplementing the lighting drops the noise but subjects with fine detail aren’t ideal for it. The software supplied is very easy to use and offers a range of features. VGA masters resized to x I was quite surprised!

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The MicroscopeMaster website is for educational purposes only. The three objectives are parcentral within an image capture field ca.

In addition, members of the private sector found ways to modify the QX3 into a stronger device. Images are autosaved in a proprietary. The life of LED’s are usually excellent but can be replaced by the user. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. The brightness control doesn’t alter lamp intensity but presumably the gain of the sensor.

Button top right exits program, button bottom right goes back to live image capture menu. As with the QX3, the QX5 can take digital images; these can be still shots, time-lapse video and movies.

Even, unstructured neutral lighting and less noisy images at x now possible.


Thank You for Submitting Your Review,! Subscribe to our Newsletter. The downside to the QX5 is that is it not a powerful microscope. Login or create an account to post a review.

To judge how the QX5 performed and operated compared with the earlier QX3 model and as a basis for my own trials of the QX5, the author is heavily indebted to the many who have shared their experiences and images from the QX3 on the Web. Originally Posted by goldbergsfg.

Digital Blue QX5 – microscope

Above right, original capture image after using ‘insect eye’ micrroscope. Although some weaknesses can be found in the design of the stand, the Digital Blue QX3 is a durable design, although a few recommended adjustments would increase stability and, more importantly, the amount of light.

The QX5 functions at x, a higher resolution that makes for more detailed image and videos. Progress is shown on the screen. The USB cable links the computer and microscope together, and the software loads easily in order to let the user manipulate the images they capture. Network driver error on RIS install. The test subjects below show that the lenses give a good account of themselves.

Trial using a condenser. The QX5 lets users view and manipulate images with their computer, offering hours of fascinating fun for both kids and adults.


We’ll be doing a review of that one at some point digial too! Image capture menu, the software resizes the computer screen to x during use. You can still remove the unit from the slide-cradle, but still have to maintain the USB connection in handheld mode.

Don’t suppose anyone has the sx5 for the Digiblue USB microscope handy? I know it works with the windows 7,? Pair of third legs of honey bee Apisprepared NBS slide at 10x, with detail at 60x and x. With time lapse, crystal growth video clips are possible, as Brian Darnton has effectively shown with the QX3.

Digital Blue Microscope – The QX5 and the QX3 from Intel

The light source is selected from the software, but top and bottom lighting can’t be used together. Type ‘QX3’ into search box.

This is such a versatile feature I’m hoping to explore its potential in more depth and share a video gallery at a later date.