I’ve been programming for 15 years in about 6 different languages and I’ve also been working with networks for years. Needless to say I never got my answer. I did this through Chat, but at one point the rep told me to plug in the new modem I suspect it did everything on its own from there. If you hit 58 the modem will likely drop the connection and resync. Latest All in One Docsis3. Many companies have frozen rapid advancement and many are stuck doing what they’ve been doing for years. Broadband Forums General Discussion Gallery.

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You will enjoy all the advantages of a cloud solution but also our expertise acquired from more than 15 years inside cable companies We aim to help all cable companies and contribute in DOCSIS never ending innovation and evolution.

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If there is a lot of amplification on the return, your upstream will be low, like in the 30’s. I’m not a networking guru like your requesting just another user but I was unaware that you were using a separate router as well as the modem. Intraway Broadband Service Delivery Platform.


Regarding 3rd party VoIP provider, could you please describe what kind of problem you are encountering?

I’ve seen it many times on the job whenever there has been a cut in the line and leakage detected. What exactly is happening?

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No problems making the shift. The power level on all downstream appears to be good 1. You need is to get a competent rep that knows what they are doing.

It’s all about finding that “sweet spot. Twitch TV live streaming video buffering?

Diamond Member Audited Supplier. It seems you have to clone the mac address to the linksys router to make it work. Granular administrator controls enable you to delegate DDI tasks to empower site administrators while retaining centralized control. I’m probably going to have a comcast guy come out and see if they can’t re-calibrate those numbers.

I’m still trying to sort out the issue.

Latest Wide All in One Eurodocsis3. Obviously I stirred up some trouble but I really didn’t care. So far no manual, no support.

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I moedm know if you’ve read my entire first post, but I’m really trying to avoid that at all costs!!!!!! Create new account Request new password. Zhejiang Huanshun Network Technology Co. Also, some of the big guys, have gotten extremely anal retentive on watching levels.

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I’m an IT guy and i’m always learning new things within the IT field. It has 8 downstream and 4 upstream channels. Comcast Denver and Comcast Chicago is identical.

You sure you didn’t buy this modem from somewhere online, because I can’t think why it would be locking you out from changing anything. Is 5GHz Wireless better than 2.

Services Worldwidesupply Installations, upgrades and migrations. A value well over 40 may mean you diamodn too much power. I’m paying for 10 Mbps and getting less than 3. Automatic FM Fire Systems. I called comcast and quite literally spent hours on the phone being bounced around from customer care to tech support to tier 1 tech support back to customer care