Although everything is working I have a weird problem with transferring files to the machine. I’ll get a new card instead. Please use the text version! I’m not on the WHS team, I just post a lot. So what card do you recommend instead as hardware raid for 6 drives? Turn it back on, and log into Windows.

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I hate the Dell CERC SATA /6ch RAID Controller | TechnoGreg

Contax T stripped down for NEX. I presume this means I can backup images of my raid array, but cannot restore them?

Please use the text version! Anyone running a similar configuration and where there any issues? Acronis SupportFeb 28, Acronis SupportNov 9, Also, any drivers required will need to be installed twice; once during cec initial graphical portion of the setup, then again during the text-mode portion.

Posted April 26, When WHS is setup fully you can get rid of the floppy. Knowing now that Device Manager was able to load the driver via Windows Update, perhaps there is a driver on Microsoft. The only time I had a chance to load additional drivers was dsll prompted for which drive to install to.


Racing at Kinnekulle, Feb 27, Posts: Restart the computer, which will complain about the missing drive with all the associated error messages during POST. That gives me 5 drive bays to add data. Night shots from Once I selected which drive to install to and entered my product key, the rest of the install was hands off.


Wednesday, March eell, 6: So if you downloaded the newest drivers make sure you upgrade the Firmware as well. The drives in the array configuration utility are set as individual “volumes” rather than using a RAID configuration.

At that time I just got the standard “hardware found” dialog box. I’m going to resurrect this thread because I’m just beginning to undertake the same thing and running into the exact same situation.

DELL CERC SATA 2S Controller

The card is made by Adaptec, they may have had something. I did not try the XP drivers, but as Colin mentioned, it’s been my past experience that the Server drivers should work. It will probably take a couple of hours to rebuild, but it’s an unattended operation. Now, as standard, 5. If you have any further experience to share, please feel free to post it on this forum. No, create an account now.


I see 6 individual arrays show up while the conteoller is booting so the computer does appear to be correctly seeing them.

Dell PowerEdge and Dell Adaptec CERC SATA/6ch

I’m pretty sure this means that an image will not restore properly, and that I can’t create one from the cell disk! Wednesday, October 22, 2: Also there should be no problems if you use disks in non-RAID mode.

Answer the prerequisites checking question, of course you have already done that, right! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The jesters and the X1.