Everyone fears graduating late because classes are capped at ridiculous sizes so they can brag about the small class sizes. There is not much to do and it is very unsafe at night. Other reviews have said that RA’s and Resident staff go looking for underage drinking in the dorms, and this is completely true. Also Monday, Masters found Fowler guilty of refusing to take a sobriety test and underage possession of alcohol. I would not recommend coming to CNU to my worst enemy.

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Think long and hard about sending your kids here. Cooley said the last time he saw him was around CNU has made many strides in the cosmetics of the school but definitely has a long way to go in this department. The local mall, Patrick Henry mall, is pathetic. It is all Southern style with extra grease and oil.

There is a lack of cultural drunkk and individuals who can really think outside of the box.

Other than that, the worst thing is the food! College reminds me a lot of high school in this way. Being from Nova where there is a lot of diversity, I found it weird being surrounded by people who are all exactly the same.

Admitted Students – Admitted Students – Christopher Newport University

OK, well, how about activities on campus? In another instance a professor alluded to the fact that minorities score lower on entrance exams and if schools wanted more diversity they should lower test score requirements. All the new library actually contains is an overpriced coffee shop and a cnk dozen computers usually occupied by people on Facebook. Junior 7 months ago Overall Experience Report.



At least there is a wide variety of nasty food you can cni. But prosecutors dropped a drinking-and-driving charge that was once part of the case.

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Cu could not stay there and came home almost every weekend Dry campus so all parties were far away. As an African American I have come to realize there is not very much diversity or push for inclusion on this campus.

Not to mention that they are all of campus, and you have to find a ride to get there. CNU does not like this. The teachers and administration is involved, the facilities are top tier, students are great, and the campus itself is gorgeous. The best advice I can give is to stay away. As for other things around CNU, the party scene is ok as long as you know an upperclassman with off campus housing, other wise they keep the shudents small and sstudents then often are broken up by the CNU police whom are often on a power trip and have no problem breathalyzing you which is ridiculous, I havee been to other schools and have been able to walk around campus and the football game while holding a drink without consequence.


Defense Attorney Ron Smith argued that no one witnessed the crash and there is no proof that Evans caused stjdents.

University Police

I am white and Christian, however not close-minded at all. Niche User 7 months ago Overall Experience Report. The occupants of a car Fowler had passed moments before on J.

Clancy said Fowler’s unsteadiness on his feet and bloodshot and watery eyes could have come from the massive collision. Let me just first start off saying that I came here strictly for athletics lacrossewhich was a terrible mistake.


Yes great school as far as physical grounds, good academics, diversity, food etc. Newport News is a dump.

The campus is alive with Greek life, academics, and community interest groups. It is a beautiful campus that I have heard so many great things about. Christopher Newport University is one of the best small, public school experiences a student can hope for. Evans was traveling the wrong way on I when the cars collided, according to state police.