If you scrupulously follow this advice, you will gradually accustom yourself to this new innovating device and thus, you will enjoy a silent and restorative sleep. If the reflexes are strong, do not plunge the tube too far into the mouth and accustom yourself to its presence. Test it first during the day. Methods to get used to keeping the cannula On the first time, do not expect to sleep with the cannula. As you get sleepy you will not feel the tube so much and then you will fall asleep. Get accustomed to the tube little by little; sink it in the throat each time deeper. The cannula is totally indispensable during this period indeed.

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Nauseous reflexes represent the main difficulty to tolerate the cannula.

Try out the cannula quickly by sinking it into the mouth so as to adjust the band you may adjust it by removing the silicone tube and by only taking the filter.

Often renew these brief tests during the day.

The teeth have to rest gently on the hard part of the filter without squeezing it. I have noticed a lot of people are having problems with Aiptek I tried putting a new battery in my pen, but nothing happened.

I have the same trouble.

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Do not sink it immediately into the mouth. My version of ubuntu is the latest one. It is necessary for the filter plate to be practically in contact with the lips without pressing them too much.


Other people will have a reflex as soon as the tube touches their tongues. Get accustomed to the tube little by little; sink it in the throat each time deeper. Do not insist too much the first times.

Progressively, within 8 to 10 days or perhaps less, you will be used to the tube and then you will be able to bear the cannula during sleep. They are variable according to the persons.

If it persists, stay lying on the back for a moment so as to be able to swallow the saliva without trouble. When the adjustment of the elastic band is done, keep the cannula around your neck and do not sunk it in your mouth. In this case, test it in daytime.

As you breathe, the air will dry excessive salivation. Would you know believe since i have updated to Ubuntu 9.

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How to use Capax. Is this tablet only good on Windows Vista machines? I have tried all the walk throughs of trying to fix this issue and I still cannot get this working The cannula may wake you sometimes during the first nights. The latter medicine is only caax on prescription and if necessary, your physician will be able to prescribe it.


As noticed in the directions for use, if the reflexes remain important, you can anaesthetize your throat. Your body will progressively get accustomed to the cannula during sleep.

Introduce gently only the end of the tube of the cannula into the mouth and keeping it some seconds at the beginning, then longer and longer. When you feel that you are about to fall asleep and only at that very moment, introduce the tube in the mouth. Test it first during the day.

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I have a similar problem, except mine does not work at all. It will not be essential to keep the cannula capa the whole night. Like for all the other prosthesis, it is necessary for your organism to get accustomed to this foreign body. How to place the cannula before sleeping. This is the case of all the systems that serve to compensate a deficit, such as glasses, contact lenses, dental, hearing aids, or other prosthesis.