Recording is currently in development. This will help me to improve this software so it will run smoother in the future The solution is to buy from a retailer who lets you return your buy for another, similarly-priced unit which should work – 99 out of a hundred times. In the case of RME, you learn how to use totalmix and it’s the same for the babyface and the larger interfaces. Very solid drivers, good preamps, route anything to anything, and direct to USB recording which is great in a live setting. Btw, why as a registered user of S1 producer I still don’t get the ‘new topic’ button on forums other than this one?

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TASCAM is as cheap as anyone on the lower end, and has the best bang for buck in a couple of categories.

There has been an enormous interest in the driver and many downloads of the beta-version so far. This setups just works on all firewire devices. Many minor issues bedt. Key elements that separate the RME interface from the pack of others I’ve owned: Some enhancements and fixes include: Fort Worth, TX Status: It is supposed to be a solution for when generkc don’t have an ASIO driver. Try using it extensively and you’ll probably see what I mean.


Very solid drivers, good preamps, route anything to anything, and direct to USB recording which is great in a asuo setting. If you have over 10 ms of delay, it can really be a problem. This has nothing to do with my PC setup.

Not the lowest latency, but sub 9ms RTL The best audio devices are supported forever I seems and newer drivers developed year after year fine tuning performance and providing new features through firmware updates as was the case with the FFs.

If everything goes as expected, I will be releasing the first public version during the week.

Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? Although many hobbyists are starting to use this technology to produce music at home, soundcards which implement the ASIO-interface come with a hefty price-tag. generlc

Jim Roseberry Max Output Level: The musicstreamer is not designed for use with professional recording applications. Save your money buy an interface A range of multi-channel-cards seem to need different parameters for successful use.

Alesis didn’t make a driver for it and recommended asio4all! Trace-functionality can be configured in the dialog.

Generic ASIO driver very unstable -remove it. –

I was evaluating daws the last 15 days; I settled on S1, the others are still in the day demo. Sample-rate was initially set toeven if not supported by sound-device. Latency is ridiculously low for the musicstreamer II, and outs are the only thing I need. Some more trace-functionality [] Revised beta with some fixes 0. So you got one of the only interfaces that doesn’t have it’s own drivers ART makes one as well.

Last Drivers  BIOSTAR P31-A7 DRIVER

Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. TerraSin Max Output Level: Apogee and a few others get a lot of love in the higher price range and Focusrite, Tascam, and Presonus being solid in bit lower price group.

Best ASIO driver / USB Audio Interface | Cakewalk Forums

Both are beta, so your mileage may vary – don’t haunt me for crashed daw-host-applications and lost music-project-files ;- [] Release this week The musicstreamer II can be seen generix both asio4all and the generic asio driver. This new version possibly also runs on multi-channel-devices. It’s nice to have a small interface and a larger one by the same company.