Hi, Man if you can get it to work in 64 bit anything windows I would buy you a case of beer. Hi Lugnut, Its been awhile since I put any energy into this thread re the AMT8 and nearly a year ago you offered a case of beer if I could get it working? Just don’t ask how to do this on Windows. Apparently, MS is too busy to develop this? The LED indicating message traffic on the RS interface is working, but the active patch remains in the initial configuration.

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I assume that Apple has no plans xl write a new Windows driver. Just extract the firmware from the installer package and install tftp for your OS. It appears to my limited looks so far that the answer is probably “no” however, a registry hack may work?

Ask a question Reset. Hi, I was happily using my Unitor 8 on a Windows XP computer, but the newer versions of Windows don’t have a driver that work for them.

Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. The LED indicating message traffic on the RS interface is working, but the active patch remains in the initial configuration.


Unitor 8 – windows driver – Apple Community

The amt8 is awesome, I have one, too: This might also prove helpful in your quest relates to Win 7 32 bit though as it describes the necessary regkeys that are touched by the install program for XP: Currently only the routing matrix is implemented — i still have to decode the filtering matrix messages, i will add those once i figure it out. Haven’t touched the stuff in many years now: The remote web interface also works exactly as before. Any time they want, they make you buy new hardware Hi Cyrano, Yes I was musing over something in that area.

All replies Drop Down menu. I ran a test with same song same plug in with 9 and Amazingly, to my surprise and joy, it looks as though there may be xl at the end of this tunnel? Hope this AMT8 info helps someone else? I’m thinking Mr Hayden That was years ago. I’d like to port the code to Windows 8. Had a dual boot Mac. Just redirect from ethernet to the correct USB port and reboot. Maybe a bit of an exaggeration but its all rosey until they come dp YOU.


If W10 users continue to launch any out I might try to pick up another unit if I can. Any pointers most gratefully anticipated – Cheers! Hi, Way to go yorky! Might ajt8 worth trying out. One project I have is for a small and very portable recording rig for acoustic jams that’s easy to use and bomb proof.

As you know Unitor drivers as well the Unitor Control software do not work in a Win 10 64bit environment. Can someone send me the source code of the latest Windows driver?

Emagic AMT8 standalone patch editor

Any hint or advice to resolve the problem? A gent from gearslutz talked to the guy that sp did the driver Just don’t ask how to do this on Windows. Hi, Thanks Cyrano, but these aren’t obsolete, and I doubt its not a driver.